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Salmon, Steelhead & Sturgeon Fishing Guide 

Columbia River Fishing Guides grow up in this area and have been fishing here all their lives. Their clients will tell you the local Fishing guides on the Columbia River work extremely hard to do everything in their power to make sure you get opportunities to catch fish and they are willing to make that extra effort to ensure you have the most successful outing possible

If you want to experience the absolute best in steelhead fishing, spend the day with Bent Rods Fishing on the Cowlitz River. This river is the number one producer of steelhead in Washington during the summer and winter months. If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor adventure, the Cowlitz River provides breathtaking natural scenery and plentiful wildlife.
Winter fishing on the Cowlitz is an incredible experience that can't be missed. Three-salt steelhead return to freshwater during late November through mid December. These fish can range anywhere from 12 to 17 pounds. Two-salt steelhead make their return from mid-December through mid-January. These fish range from eight to 10 pounds. Best of all, two-salt steelhead make for great eating.
Catching a steelhead is a truly unique experience. These fish will test you with their jumping agility, and they can also test your equipment. They are truly a pleasure to watch and their strength will astound you. Under the expert guidance of A fishing guide, you can learn the proper techniques to bring in the big boys. When you're in the capable hands of Bent Rods Fishing, there's a good chance you'll reel in a trophy fish. To sign up, please call.
Through his years of experience, Columbia River fishing guide knows of several great fishing spots. One of them is out of Beacon Rock State Park in Washington State. From Seattle, the boat launch is before the State Park. You will need to turn south on Moorage Road. The launch is one mile past the Skamania General Store.
From Portland, the boat launch is just past Beacon Rock State Park. To get there from Portland, take I-84 east along the Columbia River on the way to Cascade Locks. Once you reach Cascade Locks, cross the Columbia River into Washington. The crossing is called the Bridge of the Gods toll bridge. Turn left onto Highway, and follow it west for seven miles until reaching the State Park.

Fishing for steelhead is a favorite light tackle sport in the rivers of Oregon and Washington. Much research and exploration have gone into steelhead angling techniques. Knowledge of where the steelhead are running throughout the year is a must. Acquiring the services of Bent Rods Fishing will aid you tremendously in hunting down steelhead.
Contrary to popular belief, the true steelhead is a native rainbow trout. These rainbows have access to the ocean, where they spend time growing and maturing in the sea until they return to spawn in freshwater. Steelhead do not die after spawning, unlike salmon. Knowing where the steelhead runs are located is a must for a successful fishing expedition. Steelhead have very erratic patterns and while one area may be peaking in the winter, other areas may peak in the spring, summer, or fall. To successfully wade through these ever-changing fishing conditions, the service of an experienced guide is essential.
Steelhead fishing in the Northwest is a must for any angler. Beginners can greatly benefit from the expertise and guidance of A fishing guide. Expert anglers will also see the need for Columbia River fishing guide's knowledge and skills when they hook into one of the bigger fish. Going after steelhead is a specialized art, and Columbia River fishing guide can give you all the tricks of the trade for a successful fishing adventure.
Columbia River fishing guide has found great success fishing the waters of the Columbia River from Lions Day Park in Woodland, Washington. Woodland is just north of Portland. To get there from Portland, drive on 1-5 North for 26 miles. Then take Exit #22 (Dike Road) and go west about 2.5 miles until you see a 90-degree turn to the left. Follow it left for .5 miles and you will see the sign "Lions Day Park" on your right. Turn and follow the road to the river.
CALL NOW and book a trip for Salmon, Steelhead, or Sturgeon on Columbia River or one of the nearby bodies of water and book a fishing trip you will always remember.
If you consider yourself a fishing enthusiast, then you need to experience the joy of fishing in the Pacific Northwest. A fishing guide of Bent Rods Fishing is the local expert on the waters of Oregon and Washington, having grown up fishing here. With daily fishing reports, Columbia River fishing guide is on top of his game. He knows where the salmon, sturgeon, and steelhead are biting, and he can lead you directly to them.
Columbia River fishing guide offers fishing trips year-round from the comfort of a covered, heated Duckworth boat. January and February are great months for winter steelhead. The months of March through May produce spring chinook and sturgeon. Summer months bring sturgeon, hog sturgeon, summer steelhead, and upriver bright. Late summer and fall see the return of the fall chinook, as well as upriver bright.
When your rod gives a jerk, you'll be glad you are in a boat with an expert. Columbia River fishing guide will give you tips on how to wrestle in the big ones. He gets excited when a big one is caught, even if it's not on his line. Columbia River fishing guide goes the extra mile to assure each of his guests leave knowing they had the fishing experience of a lifetime. To book your own fishing reservations, please call.
One of the places Columbia River fishing guide takes clients out from is Hammond, Oregon. This is an easy drive from Portland, and the directions are as follows. From Portland, take US-26 West and drive for 87 miles. Turn left onto Fort Stevens Highway 104 and drive for .3 miles before bearing left on Columbia Beach Road. After .3 miles the road turns into Ridge Road, and 4.1 miles later it turns into Lake Drive. After .8 miles turn right onto 5th Avenue, which after a half mile takes you into the center of Hammond.